There are many scholarships available to students to help make college more affordable, it just takes time and research.  We hope this information will help you research 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金/CCSNH scholarships and help you get started on how to research outside scholarships.  The Financial Aid office also has a bulletin board where scholarship announcements will be posted.

Rural Health Careers Scholarship 

  • Rural Health Careers Scholarship

The Rural Health Careers Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to individuals currently employed by a rural healthcare organization to help them continue their education and advance their career.

The Rural Health Careers scholarships are funded through the US Department of Labor’s H-1B Rural Healthcare Workforce Development grant program. The goal of this program is to address healthcare workforce shortages in rural communities across the country by creating and providing access to sustainable employment and training programs in healthcare occupations. Dartmouth-Hitchcock was one of several organizations across the country to receive a grant award. 

CCSNH Scholarships

CCSNH partners with the NH Department of Health & Human Services to offer tuition assistance to childcare providers who are entering or are currently in the field of Early Care and Education. Individuals who provide family childcare or work at least part time in a childcare setting in New Hampshire, may be eligible to receive tuition assistance for Early Childhood Education courses offered through the CCSNH.

State of NH Scholarships

The NH Charitable Foundation has a ‘single online application’ process. Students are matched automatically with all scholarship for which they qualify. Many awards are renewable each year.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Medallion Fund Scholarship

Outside Scholarship Resources

There are hundreds of thousands of scholarships out there; you just need to find some that are right for you. Start with the following reputable sites: